Small tricks to be more confident around women

Say you want the chance to meet up with a lot of women. Whether you communicate online or in person, it is tricky to think of ways to maintain the conversation going. Being confident, or actually even just simply faking it, can go a long way. “Fake it ‘til you make it,” as they say, so here are some tricks that can help you be more confident around women. 

Stop Making Comparisons with Yourself and Others

With the rise of social media, a lot of people find themselves bragging about anything online – for example, eating food at a fancy restaurant, or perhaps having a fun time with Buffalo escorts at the park. Maybe you’re browsing your Twitter feed and find someone who just posted pictures about how he’s going out on dates with multiple women. It can make you feel jealous that they can be confident to ask out women.

We all have a desire to present ourselves as someone better than who we really are, especially towards our friends and family members. However, constantly comparing yourself to others on social media could harm your self-esteem. Criticizing your entire self-image based on this small window of their lives could make you feel inferior towards these people. Rather than becoming jealous of them for finding their significant other, perhaps it’s best that you work on your own self-esteem. Remember that people only show off the most interesting aspects of their lives, but it doesn’t mean it shows the full picture. You can practice in the mirror or with a close friend you feel comfortable with, or perhaps an escort when your friend is unavailable.

Sexy woman in corset and mesh stockings.

Fake it Until You’ve Made it

Building up your self-esteem isn’t so easy. It can take days – months, even – for us to merely develop a sense of confidence towards meeting with new people, and especially women. It can seem intimidating then when we see other people go on dates with no effort whatsoever. We then feel pressured to become confident overnight against our own pace, and we become miserable as a result.

Some experts advise that faking a confident body language while you’re still working on your self-esteem can actually help you to build your confidence. But why is that? By putting up a brave persona of yourself out there, you’ve actually taken the first steps towards opening yourself up to others. Even just smiling at the mirror each day can do wonders for your self-esteem! Later on, you might even find yourself getting used to having company with others. Eventually, you’ll be hanging out with a nice girl in no time at all. 

Dress Up for the Part

While women find a great personality more attractive than just merely looking good, you should still make sure that you look your best. Every man can become a bit better looking with some high-quality jeans and a nice, clean shirt. Additionally, another advantage of dressing well is that when you look good, you will also feel good, and this is a huge boost for your self-esteem! I suggest that you go shopping with a close friend or family member who has knowledge of the latest fashion. This way, you can get their honest advice about which clothes look the best on you.

In summary

Now you know how to be confident around women. It mostly boils down to seeing yourself in a better light. If you take your time and put all of your effort into improving yourself, you’ll see yourself getting dates with no problems at all.